Darin Hillman is a blacksmith and metal worker living in Gainesville Florida.  Blending classic blacksmithing techniques with modern metal fabrication he is able to create art and furniture that embodies the history of metalworking with a modern aesthetic.  

Darin apprenticed under and became lead metalsmith with master metal sculptor Doug Hays for 10 years giving him the opportunity to be involved in monumental sculptures and custom functional commissions.  These experiences have given him the foundation to explore design and construction in his own shop.

Working from a belief that all aspects of our lives should encompass beauty and function, Darin creates furniture and sculptures that highlight simple designs and quality craftsmanship. "I want to return to an ideal where a lifetime of function and appreciation of quality is the expectation."  "I never want someone to purchase my work with the thought that it will need to be replaced."  

Hillman Ironworks is currently a one person shop, ensuring continuity of quality and design throughout the creative process.  "I love the quiet space of creativity and the constant puzzle of how to make an idea become a finished piece."